Not Death Valley


Port Clyde, MaineThere are only a couple of weeks to go now before I leave for California and Death Valley. So yes… I have decided to stick with the plan and spend my couple of extra few days exploring Death Valley. Due to the reasons I outlined in my previous post, I think this time I will settle for exploring as much of the park as I can other than the Racetrack.

I am very excited about the trip, and am starting to get a little antsy about photography again. Maybe if the weather clears I can shoot down to Acadia this weekend? Anyway, as I was searching my archives for a lost file, I had a chance to come across several older images from more a while back that I had forgotten existed.

This image of Port Clyde lighthouse – sometimes referred to as Marshall Point – was shot on 35mm Velvia slide film back in 2002. For me, this lighthouse is classic Maine, and couldn’t be further from the desert images I have been looking at lately in preparation for my trip. There is definitely something special about being on the Maine coast in the summer months. It is a refreshing place, and one that is loaded with opportunities for photography.

There are all sorts of possibilities for composition at this location, but I remember finding myself being drawn to the symmetry that was presented by the narrow walkway out to the light. The walkway is certainly a unique feature, and this is a scene that draws photographers from all over.

This photograph was made as the sun went down on a fairly overcast evening, hence the soft and subdued light and colors. I was quite lucky that the conditions came together like they did, especially since the rest of the day had pretty much been a washout.

It is always nice to find something that had been lost for a while… this felt like I had found a $10 dollar bill in a rarely used coat pocket. I am very glad I needed to go back into the archives, otherwise I might never have re-discovered this one. Would love to know what you think of it?

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