Devils Golf Course


The Devils Golf Course is another unique and fascinating feature of Death Valley National Park in California. Located just off the road to the Badwater Salt Flats, it is a wide expanse of salt pan that was once an ancient lake. This ancient lake evaporated 2,000 years ago leaving an amazing landscape that even today is ever-changing.

The area consists of a jagged, salt-encrusted surface that is continually being shaped by wind, rain and sun. Salty water rises up through the mud where it evaporates leaving a dry, lumpy, and incredibly inhospitable surface covered with salt crystals.

It was named the Devils Golf Course in 1934 after a National Park Service guidebook described how “only the devil could play golf on it’s surface.”

Devils Golf Course, Death Valley NP

As you can see from this photograph which I made on my last visit, I wasn’t able to be in this location at a time when the light favored photography. I still like this image though because to me it attempts to illustrate the vastness of this area of the park.

On my upcoming visit I am hoping to be able to spend some time exploring this phenomenon at a time when the light is a little more favorable.

There are only about six weeks left now before I leave for my trip, and am pretty excited about the adventure that I know I am going to have. Between then and now I am going to be preparing for the trip by making sure all of my equipment is in proper working order, and if I need any additional gear I will be purchasing it. More to come on the specific equipment that I will be bringing with me to use…


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