Another version of the Racetrack story


The last time I visited the Southwest was back in 2007, and during that trip I was lucky enough to have the company of a friend. Steve is very much the outdoorsy type, having climbed the likes of Aconcagua, Mount Hood, and our own Mount Katahdin on numerous occasions. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, detailing his experiences on The Rabid Outdoorsman blog that I subscribe to.

Despite the fact that he slept most of the trip, Steve was able to capture some of his own images from our travels around the Southwest, and it is always enjoyable to see someone else’s perspective. We toured several National Parks including Death Valley, Arches, Canyonlands… along with Deadhorse State Park. He even created a short video of our adventures, and if interested you can see it here


2 thoughts on “Another version of the Racetrack story

  1. Nice, it was a great time and wonderful to be invited on such an awesome adventure!

    LOL! I did sleep most of the trip! I have to give David FULL credit he is a machine capable of operating on a very little sleep. Early morning and late evening photo operations caused this “outdoorsy type” to struggle as I was forced into sleep depravation. Fortunately, these excursions were worth the loss of sleep and lead to the taking of a few photos that I will hang on my house walls and I will treasure forever.

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